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Japanese Rations - WW II



Japanese WW2 Boxed Rice

This ration is a box of boiled (instant) rice, which was the main portion of the Compressed Ration (Assaku Koryo). It is simplicity itself to prepare; mix with an equal volume of boiling water, stir, cover and let sit for five minutes, and it's ready to eat. Our box holds just over a cup of rice, so I suggest using one and-a-quarter cups of water since the water will cook down a bit. I like rice, and this ration would provide two meals for me, if combined with some meat or fish, biscuits and tea. For a bigger appetite I'd prepare the entire ration for one meal.

A set of nice hashi is included with the ration. Sorry, the authentic WW2 Arisaka rifle stays here in my collection.

PRICE: $4.95





Japanese WW2 Tinned Tuna

Here is a tin of tuna fish packed in either water or oil. This is the version that was sold in the Soldier's Store. While an out of pocket expense it added protein and taste to the daily rice ration. The compact six ounce can fits almost anywhere in a kit and will be most welcome at mealtime. As with all of our rations, this is fresh from the grocer's shelf and ready to eat. Two or three of these will see you nicely through a weekend of maneuvers.

You already know the deal on the Arisaka.

PRICE: $4.95



Japanese WW2 Hard Biscuits

This is a pack of hard biscuits (Kanpan) - supplied as part of a preserved ration to all military personnel when possible - the paper wrapped cello packs are string tied as were the originals, and the biscuits are virtually identical to Kanpan. There are five biscuits in the pack, which will help complete a meal in the field, or a couple of snacks while on the move.

Sorry, the grenade doesn't come with the rest of the order.

PRICE: $3.95



Japanese WW2 Canned Oranges

An 11 ounce tin of premium Mandarin Oranges in light syrup, with the sparse markings of military rations. These are top quality international branded oranges (my wife is always "borrowing" cans of these when she makes salads). They are a nutritious and very Japanese way of finishing a meal. A can or two in your kit will be very welcome at the end of the meal or the end of the day. They're also a refreshing mid-day pick-me-up.

Notice the beautiful leather Japanese utility belt. It belongs to George. Sure wish it belonged to me, but it's not for sale. Sorry.


PRICE: $4.95



Japanese WW2 Service Issue Green Tea

This little box contains enough green tea for at least three cups of tea. It's a replica of the tea ration issued throughout WW2 to Japanese military personnel and in terms of personal comfort, is one of the most important elements in a soldier's kit. Get several because there's always someone who forgets to bring such important items to a battle.

Yes, the bolt is from my Arisaka, and it's going to stay there...

PRICE: $2.95



Japanese WW2 Meiji Candy

Another item from the Soldier's Store, this is a tin packet of fruit flavored Meiji hard candy. This is a fruit-flavored candy that is moderately sugared. I must admit keep a can on my desk all the time and they have become one of my favorite treats.  They taste a lot like Life Savers, only a bit more subtle. I particularly like the Peppermint flavor.

This is the real Meiji Candy, identical to the WW2 product. We buy the cans from an importer, paint them with a brown protective paint (just like their WW2 predecessors), label them with a replica of the WW2 label, and replace the seal on top with a second replica. We hope you will appreciate the authenticity as well as the refreshing flavor.

There is plenty of the candy in the tin - enough to share.

Sorry-No longer available




Japanese WW2 High Nutrition Ration

This is a package of the High Nutrition Ration, a peanut/sesame bar. Each package contains four individually wrapped bars, so the ration can be spread out over a day or even a weekend. The bars are a tasty treat and a high calorie emergency ration. Great for your kit, and for those long forced marches.

PRICE: $4.95



Japanese WW2 Cigarette Packets and Matches

We have developed a fancy new printing process which brings the imagery on these copies of original Japanese matchbooks and cigarette packets into sparkling focus and clarity. The originals for these items were provided by long time customer Tim Kato, a re-enactor from California. Check out some pictures of Tim and his fantastic collection of Japanese WW2 gear in Our Scrapbook.

The cigarette packets don't contain any smokes, but there is an insert to hold them, so you can fill the packet with your favorite brand. The matchbooks contain a good supply of waterproof safety matches, and will light your smokes rain or shine - just don't be the third man on the match!

Two of these items particularly reflect the wartime psychology. The cigarette packet on the right features a flight of Japanese bombers, and the matchbox in center, front shows a Japanese tank running over the flags of USA, Britain, and China.

When you order we will grab a set; one packet of matches and one cigarette packet, grab-bag style.

PRICE: $4.95






Want the complete collection?



Complete Collection, Japanese WW2 Cigarette Packets and Matches

Okay, we've already heard from some collectors who would like to buy a complete set, so it seems like a good idea to make the offer to everybody. So here goes. We'll send you a complete set - that's one each of the four cigarette boxes and the three match boxes. That will add some real luster to your exhibits and collections.

What, no picture? Just look up and left.


PRICE: $12.95





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