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We are ReproRations and we specialize in making and selling accurate reproductions of military rations from World War 2 and a few items from World War 1. Our reproduction rations have been purchased by re-enactors, collectors, educators, historians, museums, movie and tv film companies, and by nostalgic old veterans. We've shipped ReproRations to all 50 states and to countries all over the world. Our rations are fresh from the grocery store, and are presented in replica labeling. It looks authentic and it's edible too!



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Not All Progress is Forward

Modern industrial food techniques are making it difficult for those of us who want authentic looking rations.

Most canned goods are now offered only with pop tops. In that case the best I can do is to turn the can upside down and label it. Another big loss is the big wafer bar that was offered for several different countries. The maker changed their design and packaging plan, and eliminated the big bar. Dang! That was my favorite coffee break treat.

Similarly, the small round stove used for Brit WW1 and WW2 Tommy Cookers has been changed drastically, and can no longer be used. Just doesn't look right.

I will try to offset these losses with some new offerings in the future.

You will notice that Survival items are no longer offered. There has been so much interest in every aspect of Preparation, and so many great new things being offered, our small inventory couldn't compete.

And to add to my woes, I got a new computer - a MAC! I haven't been able to edit the website in months, and it needs it. So if you are reading this, I figured out a way to do it, and will be spending a lot of late nights working on new or revised pages.

At last!
A Mess Kit Strap for the German mess kit. Looks 100% authentic.

I've sold more than 200 replica German WW2 mess kits in the past years, and it wasn't  until last summer - while I was recuperating from my heart attack and surgery - that I found a real WW2 German mess kit strap for sale. I paid way too much for it, but then, this wasn't just for my collection; I wanted to share it with our customers.

I then contracted with a custom uniform firm, which copied my original strap with complete fidelity (except I had them add one inch in length, to fit the newer mess kits). I showed a sample to George (our R&D guy) and he couldn't find a single flaw!

The picture at left shows one of the straps, in place on one of the two remaining mess kits in my collection. You'll notice that I found the correct paint for the authentic Heer look. I share the paint secret on the Germany WW2 page, in the strap listing.

Here They Are!


During 2015 we made a major effort to expand our WW1 offerings. We now have a reasonable selection of  reproduction World War I rations, from England, France (shown at right), Germany, and Austria. We've even been able to decorate our pictures with authentic WWI gear, much of it actually uncovered on the battlefields of France and Germany.

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Check our GI rations. We have more than a half dozen different varieties -  all authentic, all fresh from the grocer and all extremely edible.




Japanese WW2 Rations

We originally offered Japanese WW2 rations in sets only. We changed that, and are now offering the items individually. We hope you will find this more convenient.

We added to the line as well. We added cigarette boxes and waterproof safety matches, with cover designs straight from WW2 Japan. In addition we are using a foxy new printing process for both matches and cigarette packets, highlighting the beauty and interest of these must-have comfort items. These too are now for sale.

Check them out at Japanese WW2 Rations.



British WW2 Composite Rations

You wanted it, you asked for it, and here it is! A selection of Brit WW2 "Compo" rations. We are currently offering ten different items, each listed separately. We plan to add to the line as time permits.

While compo rats were issued at the squad level, various items routinely showed up in the kit of individual soldiers, so adding some of these to your personal collection will simply increase the authenticity of your kit and the diversity of foods available in the field.

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