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Canada World War II Rations





Canadian Canned Biscuits and Beverage Ration

This is a reproduction of the standard "Biscuits and Beverage Powder” tin from the mid to late war ‘Ration, Composite’ (Compo) ration. Each tin contains a pack of salt biscuits and a packet of beverage powder.  They were manufactured in Canada.

Just as in the originals, the beverage powder might be Cocoa, Coffee, Orangeade, Lemonade, Bouillon, Tea, or Cider - with instructions on beverage preparation.

These are real sealed tin cans, just like in World War II and Korea, with the appropriate rations inside. Blow away your authenticity officers and casually open a tin of biscuits and beverage powder! Cans are readily opened with your service tin opener.

Sorry, the GI canteen cup is not offered, included, or available. It is shown for dimensional perspective.

PRICE: $7.95


Canadian WWII Tinned Oat Ration

This is a reproduction of the standard "Oats, Salt and Sugar” tin from the mid to late war ‘Compo' Ration. These Canadian manufactured tins of breakfast oats were standard fare in the rations of Canada, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, as well as other Commonwealth Nations.

Just like the originals, our cans come in the tapered compo tins containing two sachets of oats, a sachet of sugar and a small salt packet. This is sufficient for 3 rations of oatmeal, which can be cooked in a mess tin in about 3 minutes. Instructions (as in the original) are included. Combined with a tin of Bully Beef or “Meat” (The Red Tin of Spam-like stuff) along with tea and biscuits, this comprised one of the more palatable breakfast items from the Compo ration. There is a proper roll stamp identifying the contents.

These are real sealed tin cans, just like in World War II and Korea. Blow away your authenticity officers and casually open a tin of oatmeal! Cans are readily opened with your service tin opener.


PRICE: $9.95


Canadian Corned Beef


A 12 ounce tin of Bully Beef with twist key opening just as during the war. This is the same product and container that has been a basic ration for Commonwealth troops since at least World War I.

This will ring 100% true for those re-enacting Canadian or other Commonwealth troops.

Like all of our rations, this is fresh from the grocer's shelf so you can open it and dine on it in the field, or if you choose, set it up in the middle of an exhibit. And thankfully, pop tops have not invaded this item.


PRICE: $5.95


Canadian Canned Chicken


Canadian forces had a wide selection of entree's in their field rations. One of the more popular, because it provided such a change from Bully Beef, was the Chicken ration. This ration is faithfully reproduced here with a late war date stamp, although the date stamp varies from early to late wartime.

Notice too that this is the old-fashioned kind of can, for which you need a tin opener. No phony pop tops here.

PRICE: $4.95


Canadian Tea Mix


Missing your morning cuppa when you're out on bivouac? Canadian troops didn't, thanks to this ready to mix tea block. Each box contains two packets of soluble (instant) tea, sugar, and milk powder, which may be dissolved in eight ounces of hot or cold water (we recommend the hot).

Please note that while the accompanying photo shows three boxes of tea mix, this pricing is for one box.

PRICE: $4.95


Canadian Canned Ham


Another option for the main course, this can of ham chunks provides six ounces of protein in a WW-2 era top requiring your tin opener for access. No 21st century pop tops! While the historically accurate label bears an early 1944 date stamp in the accompanying photograph, dates will vary, randomly from late '42 to late '44.

PRICE: $4.95


Canadian Tin Opener


The GI P-38 can opener is carried by millions of veterans and active military, due to its functionality, compactness, and the multitude of uses to which it can be put (fixed my car's distributor with one once). The Canadian version is just like the P-38 but BIGGER. The advantage this gives is a longer shank for greater leverage when opening a can. No more sore fingers! The base is perforated for a key ring or dogtag chain.

PRICE: $3.50


Canadian Canned Tuna


Here is a 6 ounce can of tinned tuna in brine. Once again the date stamp will vary from late '42 to late '44. Notice the absence of a 21st century pop top, meaning you will have to use your trusty tin opener on the lid. Things like this really help improve your score for authenticity.

PRICE: $4.95


Canadian Canned Turkey


Any day can be Thanksgiving Day when you have a can or two of this turkey in your rucksack. Here again the date stamp on the six ounce can varies from late '42 to late '44. Sorry, the fork stays in our collection.

PRICE: $4.95




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