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Rations of the Luftwaffe


German WW II Luftwaffe Zitronendrops

These popular packets of citrus drops were issued to both Wehrmacht troops and the Luftwaffe as energy food or a supplemental ration. They are sealed inside a cello-like bag and in this version are in the blue Luftwaffe packet.


NOTE: While the accompanying photo shows two packets (to show front and back), this pricing is for one packet.

PRICE: $2.95


German WW II Luftwaffe "Kokos Energie" Survival Food


One pack of “Kokos Energie” survival food. This is the emergency food carried by paratroopers and in the survival kits of Luftwaffe planes. The packet contains 3 rations, each of which, when consumed with some water, will feed a man for 6 hours (18 hour’s worth of food in a package the size of M39 Egg Grenade). This is the real thing, and will really fill you up in the field. It has a long shelf life and is actually quite good with a cup of coffee (as opposed to some of the other emergency rations the Luftwaffe issued, which were horrid!). The coconut smell emanating from this ration is what gives real paratrooper gear the peculiar smell of coconut or macaroons to this day!


 NOTE: While the accompanying photo shows two packets (to show front and back), this pricing is for one packet.

PRICE: $5.95


German WW II Luftwaffe Bohnenkaffee


Each packet contains a sealed cello-like bag of ground coffee in the distinctive blue Luftwaffe packaging, and will brew about a half-liter of coffee. While they can be used individually, soldiers would more often pool their supply and brew up a mess tin of coffee. 


NOTE: While the accompanying photo shows two packets (to show front and back), this pricing is for one packet.

PRICE: $3.50

German Paratrooper Rations

German WW II Paratrooper

Combat Jump Ration Set


This is a reproduction of the complete “Kampfpackung für Fallschirmjäger” (Combat Rations for Paratroops) as issued to German Paratroopers during the war when going into combat.

This complete set consists of:

·       2 cans of ham chunks in the plain metal tin with the proper “Fleischkonserve” circular stamp on the lid.

·       2 cans of cheese –  as issued to paratroopers for combat missions only.

·       1 bar of chocolate substitute—The same “ersatz” high-temperature chocolate issued to Wehrmacht troops as an energy food, or, if melted together with boiling water and milk, as a cocoa beverage.

·       1 package Knäckebrot in the classic single-serving reinforced box.

·       6 pieces of Kaubonbons wrapped in a single packet.

·       1 package of Zitronendrops in the classic blue Luftwaffe packet.

·       1 package of Milchkaffee with 2 inner pouches of coffee and milk that brew up a canteen cup full of wakey-wakey - Luftwaffe style.

·       1 packet of solid fuel for heating. We include the proper low-grade Hexamine based tablets made by the off-branch of BASF under the “Flammo” brand.

If you own this set, you have finally completed that long trek toward getting your Fallschirmjäger kit complete! Your authenticity officer will be green with envy, even though this should be the standard combat ration if you are heading out to “clash” with Yanks and Brits. How many Jäger in your unit have the COMPLETE ration set? And you can save a few bucks in the process!

Sorry, neither the Mauser rifle, the bandolier, nor the dummy grenade are offered, included or available. They are shown for dimensional perspective only.


PRICE: $34.95

Rations of the SS

German WW II SS Rinderbraten


While Rinderbraten was popular in all branches, these tins were made up especially for the Waffen SS. The tin contains a high quality beef-with-gravy product much like the original Rinderbraten, and is marked with manufacturer's markings, the WVHA control information, and the well-known twin "lightning bolt" logo of the SS. Heat this up with your Field Cooker, add some bread and coffee, and you have a satisfying, nourishing meal.


Incidentally, the twin "Lightning Bolts" logo is actually the letters "SS" in an Olde Germanic type font. Still, it's easy to mistake it for lightning, isn't it?

PRICE: $6.95


German WW 2 Elite Corps Eintopf


A 425 gram tin of Eintopf (stew) with meat and vegetables, in the tin made specifically for the Waffen SS. While the Wehrmacht did not paint their tins, tins of various sizes for this elite unit received a dull lacquer coating to rustproof the low-grade steel of the cans, since the rations were expected to be exposed to extreme conditions. The tin bears the standard war-time label identifying the manufacturer and the WVHA Amt BI /2 office, along with the familiar SS logo.


PRICE: $6.95


German WW II SS Milchkaffee


Every military force has its favorite hot drink: tea for the Brits and Russians, coffee for the Americans and Germans. These drinks served as both a stimulant, and as a way to relax for a moment during an otherwise hectic existence.

Milchkaffee was popular with all branches of the German military. While most branches used the standard packet, the SS had their own unique label on this popular ration item. Each packet contains two cello-wrapped servings of soluble (instant) coffee and milk powder. Packets are accurately marked with manufacturer's markings and WVHA control information and the SS logo. Mix one serving with 12 ounces of hot water, and sugar to taste. 

NOTE: While the accompanying photo depicts two packets of Milchkaffee, this pricing is for one packet.

PRICE: $4.95


German WW II SS Hartkek Ration


A 150 gram pack of Hartkek (hard, nutritious biscuits) sealed inside a cello-like wrapper which in turn is packaged in the official WVHA Amt BI /2 (office in charge of troop ration procurement) grayish wrapper with black and white label. Once again the distinctive twin lightning bolts of the SS are readily apparent on the label.

Hartkeks were another ration item that this elite unit chose to distribute in their own distinctive wrapper. Depending upon the supply source these may be round, square, or rectangular in shape, just as during the war.

PRICE: $4.95



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