More British WW II Ration Items






British Late War Tea Ration for Paras


This is a reproduction WW2 Ration for British Soldiers, straight from the standard issue the British Paras jumped into D-Day with and went that “bridge too far” on, also.

Still sneaking Red Bull during your reenactments? Have the real deal - the world’s most horrid yet addictive tea! The flat tin contains sufficient tea, milk and sugar mix to make 3 pints of tea. The re-closeable tin is sealed as the originals were, with crackling lacquer, and is a perfect addition to your kit.

PRICE: $9.95


Service Blend Tea Ration in Tins


This is the multiple serving loose-leaf tea as provided in late-war Compo Rations, as well as in the Compo Ration Pacific. This re-closeable tin, dated 1944, contains 3.1 ounces of one of the coarse service grade teas issued at the time. This is the strong, coarse blend traditionally supplied to service personnel. Our product is in all aspects identical to those tins that were issued throughout the Commonwealth from the 1930’s through the 1950's.


PRICE: $6.95



British Late War Compo Ration Breakfast Set


This is a set of reproduction WW 2 rations for British Soldiers, containing parts of the ‘Ration, Composite’.
This ration set is great for any British or Commonwealth trooper, or US forces “stuck” with British rations! This set is invasion dated (’44 production year on those items which are dated).

 You get:

One tin of "Oatmeal, Sugar and Fruit". This olive drab re-sealable tin was a standard item of all late-war Composite Rations, and was designed to feed six men with oatmeal. It contains two packs of oatmeal (three servings each), one pack of fruit (raisins), one pack of sugar (more than sufficient to sweeten everybody’s oatmeal to taste and have plenty leftover for a cuppa’ tea), an Instruction Sheet, and one small pack of salt for oatmeal preparation. So, instead of munching on modern energy bars for breakfast, break out a tin of Compo Oatmeal for the section and blow your Authenticity Officer away!!! 
  One tin of Instant tinned tea. This is the Service Issue Tea that is the classic milk, tea and sugar mixture known to every Tommy from the Compo Ration, Para Ration and 24-hour Ration’s Tea Blocks.

This set will be a great filler for your small field pack, and will make you the envy of your mates. Perfect for re-enactors, collectors or history buffs. Sorry - Tommy Cooker and fuel not included.

PRICE: $17.95


3-in-1 Tin Opener


This is a newly-manufactured replica of the WW II model and it works in the same way, opening cans and bottles, and functioning as a small spoon of last resort. Easier on the fingers than a P-38 and more versatile too!

PRICE: $3.95


British WW II Boiled Sweets


These are the classic Boiled Sweets, found in the 24 Hour ration, the Compo Ration, and various survival packs. Each box contains two cello-type bags with 6 sweets to a bag. There are such enticing flavors as "orange," "red," "yellow," "green," and "purple."

Nevertheless, they are perfect at the end of a meal, during a break, or to clear the taste of dust out of your mouth.


PRICE: $3.50


British Compo-Ration Licorice Bits


These are bits of pan-coated licorice as issued to British troops as part of the Composite Ration (and its Pacific cousin), and as additional rations in the field. There are 1.8 ounces to a cello-type waterproof bag - 2 bags to the box.

If boiled sweets are not your "cuppa" tea, this may be just spot-on for your tour of watching the perimeter at 4 a.m.


PRICE: $3.50


British Service Cigarette Tins


These are reproductions of the flat, late war 20 cigarette tins that were in general use commencing with D-Day in both Europe and the Pacific. The tins are a flip-lid design, painted haze gray, and have the regulation "CIGARETTES 20 NO. S" nomenclature imprint. Two white seals are included with which to secure the ends of the tin as was done with new packs. One seal is imprinted with a "44" for the year of issue. The seals are not attached so that you may fill the tin with your own brand of butts (none are included) and seal them inside. The outer sleeve is the manufacturer's logo, imprinted at the factory. It slides off and can be used many times.

The tin will fit most modern cigarettes, and are a perfect fit for generic unfiltered brands - however they will only hold 19 cigarettes since the wartime models were slimmer and trimmer (weren't we all). Just like wartime, the tin will be randomly selected from a number of different brands - luck of the draw.

PRICE: $7.95


British WW II Latrine Paper Ration


In battle or in business, the job's not over until the paperwork is done!


Recognizing the inherent truth of this statement, the British military issued latrine paper right along with other ration items. It makes equally good sense to order some of this vital equipment component with your rations today.


While the standard wartime ration was ONE packet of paper (four 6" x 12" sheets), we believe it's better to go hungry than to be caught short of this particular item, so we offer THREE packets for     one price.

PRICE: $2.50