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British WW I Rations Heater - Tommy Cooker


Sorry lads, we no longer offer this item. The supplier changed the design of the stove, and it has a totally different look. Not acceptable.   We have discontinued the fuel as well. The photo is retained for historic reference.



British WW I Bully Beef


With the start of the 20th century the British Army began to seriously develop rations for small groups of troops that were cut off from regular supply channels. This became especially important in the latter part of WW I when it was safer to cook in the trenches than to carry prepared food up from the rear.


One of the staples for British troops at this time was tinned corned beef – famous the world over by its nickname of “Bully Beef.”


Here is a 12 ounce can of Bully Beef in its WW I label, ready to grace your mess kit, or adorn your exhibit. It comes in the classic Fray Bentos-brand tapered tin with a side-key opening. Unchanged in over a century, this can is fresh from the supplier, for those who want to dine in the trenches.

PRICE: $5.95



British WW 1 Combat Tea Ration

When Tommy went to war he jolly well had several packets of this item in his kit. This ration contains a packet of shredded black tea, ready to brew up in a tin cup. We're showing three boxes here, to give you an idea of what's printed on the various parts of the ration box. Boxes are randomly marked for 1914, 1915, or 1916. All you need is some hot water and you're ready to brew up a strong cuppa.

Sorry, the tin cup and skimmer stay here in our collection, and you are buying one ration (one box) at the listed price.

PRICE: $4.95




British WW I Beef Stew

At last, an alternative to Bully Beef!

Labeled "Meat & Vegetable" this canned stew could technically contain most any kind of meat, including mutton. Still, it's a welcome change from Bully Beef, and the large (24 ounce) can provides a nourishing meal for two or three tommies. Rest assured, the can under the label contains a quality brand of beef stew (no mutton or kidney meat for our troopers). This will help make a weekend in the trenches a bit more tolerable.

Marked with various WD dates from 1914-1917.

Sorry, as usual, the boy toys stay here in our collection. Nice to look at though, aren't they.


PRICE: $6.95




British WW I Biscuits

To complement the Bully Beef and stew, here are some tasty nutrition biscuits, packaged just as they were for the lads in the trenches. Each packet contains five biscuits, enclosed in a cello-like covering to preserve their freshness, then wrapped in paper and labeled. A pack of these is a great meal extender, or a snack in its own right during a break in the action.

As usual, although we are showing several packets here, you are buying one packet for the price. We suggest you order several as they are tasty, easy to use, and versatile.

Yes, that's an authentic 1905 Enfield SMLE I, back there, which easily could have seen action in the trenches. Don't ask, it stays in the collection. But it is a beauty.


PRICE: $3.95