Austria-Hungary World War 1 Rations




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Kaffee Konserve

One tin of coffee as issued to Austro-Hungarian troops during World War 1. The daily ration was TWO of these 46 gram tins per day! No wonder they needed the fast action Steyr rifles.

The lid is the proper pry open design and the tin features the mid-war label including the safety top over the lid, to protect from poison gas.

The tin contains a fine ground dark roast coffee that must be brewed or steamed.

NOTE: We show two tins so you can see front and back. The pricing is for one.

Sorry, the Steyr stays in our collection.

PRICE: $4.95


PRICE: $5.95



This is the hard Zwieback, as compared to the soft toast-type Zwieback that was also issued.

The package features eight 25 gram crackers stacked in a cardboard sleeve, then wrapped in wax paper, then wrapped in plain paper, and finally secured with a paste-on label bearing the imperial seal.

Both the hard bread and the packaging are exact replicas of the WW I issue.

Sorry, the Steyr stays in our collection.




One 300 gram tin of beef in gravy bearing the proper K.u.K (Kaiserlich und Koniglich) Imperial and Royal  markings relating to the dual monarchy - Austria and Hungary.

Our thanks to the Austrian Military Museum and its staff for the information for these painstakingly duplicated ration labels.

Nope, no Steyrs for sale.

PRICE: $5.95


PRICE: $4.95

Manner Brand Chocolate Wafers


If you served in the Austrian Army between 1906 and today, you have probably seen these wafer treats, either in the "wartime" package as shown here, or in the colorful commercial wrapper. This is the real product from the real manufacturer (fresh from the shelf) in the authentic World War 1 wrapper.

Sorry, the Steyr still stays in our collection.



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